Pipe Transportation

Britoil Offshore Services is a leader in the transportation and logistical control of pipes for pipe laying. Its fleet of ocean going tugboats and specifically built pipe barges, boasts the ability to offer customers a complete operational package, that caters to customers needs right through from planning the optimal system of offshore transportation to execution, giving clients a superior advantage and cost saving in todays competitive environment. All projects to date have been completed on time and to budget without incurring any loss or damage.

Anchor Handling

Britoil Offshore Services offers over 30 years of Global experience in the supply of anchor handling vessels. Its fleet is constantly being upgraded to ensure all vessels are equipped with the latest state of the art technology to ensure customers benefit from the most reliable, safe and innovative solution to all their anchor handling needs. Currently its fleet of anchor handling tugs range from 3,600bhp (55 metric tonnes Bollard Pull) to 12,240bhp (156 metric tonnes Bollard Pull).

Salvage Work

Through representation in London and with its well-established network of selected international shipping brokers, Britoil Offshore Services is strategically situated to undertake a wide variety of salvage contracts within the South East Asia region and further afield if required.

Its operational flexibility, coupled with its strong competency in logistical excellence and state of the art communication technology, gives them the ability to provide a rapid and effective response, anywhere and under any circumstance.


At any given time on any given day you can be certain that somewhere in the world one or more of Britoil Offshore Services vessels will be undertaking some form of towing activity. Britoil has undertaken a huge range of tows varying from small barges up to large passenger liners and oil tankers with worldwide recognition for service provided. Their towing tugs fleet range from 3,600bhp (55 metric tonnes Bollard Pull) to 12,240bhp (156 metric tonnes Bollard Pull).

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