Anchor Handling/Tow Tug Britoil 81

Vessels Specifications

Britoil 81

Name of Vessel Britoil 81 Registry Singapore
Year of Delivery 2010 Type Ocean Going / Anchor Handling / Towing Tug
Classification ABS + A1, Towing Vessel, (E), + AMS, + AH, FiFi 1, DPS-1 Dimensions 56.0m x 16.0m x 7.5m
GRT / NRT / DWT 2049T / 614T / 1746T Minimum Working Draft 5.2m
Clear Deck Space (Main Deck) 23.0m x 12.3m Speed 14 knots
Deck Strength 7.5 mt/m²
Bollard Pull 110T Endurance 15,000 nautical miles @ 13 knots
Accommodation Fully air-conditioned for 48 men Lifesaving Comply to SOLAS requirements
Fuel (90%) 1077 mt External Firefighting FiFi 1
Fresh water 302 mt Freshwater Maker 12 mt/day
Main Engines & Gearboxes 2 x MaK 6M32C diesel engines producing 4080 BHP each @ 600 rpm c/w 2 x Reintjes LAF 4555 gearboxes, ratio 3.96:1 Main Generators 3 x 800kW, 380v/3/50Hz, Caterpillar Model 3508B diesel driven, and 1 x 450kW, 380v/3/50Hz, Caterpillar Model C18 diesel driven
Main Engines Consumption 22,000 litres MGO and 80 litres lube oil per 24 hours @ full power. 14,000 litres MGO and 60 litres lube oil per 24 hours @ economic cruising speed of 10 knots Generator Consumption 1,200 litres MGO and 24 litres lube oil per 24 hours
Bow Thruster / Stern Thruster 1 Bow thruster, Brunvoll Model
FU-63-LTC-1550, 750kW,
10T thrust
1 Stern thruster, Brunvoll Model FU-63-LTC-1550, 570kW, 8T thrust
Emergency Generator 1 x 86kW, 380v/3/50Hz, Caterpillar Model C4.4 diesel driven
Propulsion 2 x 3600mm diameter,
4-bladed CPP propeller Cu-Ni-Al bronze in kort nozzles
Steering Gear Ulstein Tenfjord electro hydraulic steering gear,
Type: 2 x SR662 Torque: 136 knm each
Fuel Oil Purifier Mitsubishi self cleaning fuel oil purifier SJ-10G Lube Oil Purifier Mitsubishi self cleaning lube oil purifier SJ-20G
Anchor Windlass 1 x Brattvaag Hydraulic,
15T @ 0-23m/min
Anchors 2 x 2,100kg stockless anchors
Anchor Chain 2 x 412.5m x 36mm diameter U3 steel stud link chain Towing / Anchor winch Brattvaag double drum waterfall type SL150W-2T hydraulic winch with remote controls in wheelhouse
150T pull @ 0–13 m/min
74T pull @ 0–21m/min
30T pull @ 0–29m/min
Wire Capacity :-
1200m x 67 mm dia.
Brake holding: 300T
Stern Roller (Size)


L-6.40m; Dia-2.4m

300 mt

Crane North Pacific Crane model: 2T3T25M MOD – 2.5T @ 25m Tugger Winch 2 x Brattvaag, 10T line pull @ 0-38.5 m/min
Wire Storage Reels 2 x Brattvaag, 8.8T line pull @ 0-42.6 m/min, storage reels will contain 1200m x 67mm dia.
1 x Brattvaag, 20T line pull @ 0-27 m/min, storage reels will contain 1700m x 67mm dia.
Towing pins / Shark jaws 1 set Triplex guide pins, type S-200


2 x Karmfork shark jaws

1 x Triplex shark jaw, type H-350-N

Fendering Flat bar doubler plates of 400mm x 25mm cross section welded to side shell Cutting equipment Two bottles oxygen and one bottle acetylene c/w cutting torch
Liferafts 2 x 25 men Radar 2 x X-band Radar.
Furuno Model FAR 2117
Rescue Boat 1 x 6 men DP System Converteam DP 1 equipment, c/w 1x DP Control Station, 1x UPS, 1x DGPS, 1x CYSCAN Laser Reference System, 1x Gill Anemometer, 1x TSS Gyro, 1x MRU, etc.
GMDSS Radio Console FURUNO model RC-1800T-25, A1-2-3 radio package. 24VDC/220VAC with manual c/over to emergency supply, to meet GMDSS requirement. Complete with:
-1x HF/MF SSB radiotelephone, FURUNO model FS-2570 (250W);
-2x INMARSAT C terminal (one with SSAS), FURUNO model FELCOM-15
VHF 2 x VHF/DSC marine radio telephones. FURUNO model FM-8500 (25W)
Gyro & Automatic Pilot 1 x Gyro, TKC model TG8000; 1 x Autopilot, Anschuetz model NP 60 for double rudders. Weather Facsimile 1 x FURUNO model FAX-408
Other Navigation and Communication Equipment EPIRB, Radar Transponders, Navtex Receiver, GPS Navigator, Anemometer, Echo Sounder, Speed log, AIS, Simrad Cx44 GPS Chart Plotter, Omni-Direction TV System, P.A./Talk Back System, Common Battery Powered Telephone, Automatic Telephone System, Mini-Vsat. System, ICOM VHF Radio-telephones, VHF Walkie-Talkie. Fire Monitors 2 fixed fire monitors of 1,200m³/hr each @ 135m head capacity.
2 fire pump of 1672m³/hr each.
1 fixed foam/water fire monitors of 360m³/hr @ 160m head capacity.
1 x foam pump of 10m³/hr
CCTV GALAZ-C, 4 x camera, 2 x monitor Fuel Trax System NCS FuelTrax GS150-2
Joystick Kongsberg cJoy Oil Dispersant System 2 sets spray nozzles,
type UOC 600,
1 ¼” (M) x 1 ¼” (F), brass,
duty 276 liters @ 4.14 bar
Sewage Treatment Plant Jowa BIO STP 4 for 50 men

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