Britoil Offshore Services Pte Ltd is a leading global provider of marine transportation and anchor handling vessels primarily focused on executing complex offshore oil and gas projects worldwide.

Its modern fleet is made up of 40 strong vessels, all of which are available on a charter hire basis. The majority having been built and maintained by its own award-winning state-of-the-art shipyard in Batam, Indonesia, which also has the capacity to build vessels on behalf of third parties.

The company has over 25 years of experience specializing in anchor handling, towing and transportation, transporting a wide variety of materials including modules, offshore structures, cranes and heavy lifting equipment. All vessels conform to the highest safety standards and are built to withstand extreme environments and handle the most challenging of projects.

The companies head office in Singapore has a state of the art satellite communications centre allowing continuous monitoring of the vessels, thereby providing flexibility in response to customers needs and changing demands. The computerized purchasing and inventory system allows for the optimization of the supply side, which transcends through the value chain to represent real benefits to customers in the form of flexibility and operational efficiency.

The company’s modern, well equipped office in Singapore facilitates co-ordination of its worldwide operations and support offices in Jakarta and Batam (Indonesia), Kuantan (Malaysia), a regional presence in the Middle East together with representation in London (United Kingdom).

Commitment to Quality

As part of Britoil Offshore Service’s commitment to quality, Britoil has achieved ISO 9001: 2008 status as well as complying with the International Safety Management Code.Britoil also ensures that all necessary vessels comply with the International Ship and Port Security Code (ISPS).

PT. Britoil Offshore Indonesia

PT. Britoil Offshore Indonesia is a modern, automated shipyard based in Batam, Indonesia. Britoil builds all its own vessels as well as having the capacity to build for 3rd parties. Britoil has the full capability to design and 3D model vessels using the Tribon modelling system. The computer aided design software is integrated with the shipyard’s automated production facilities providing a fully CAD/CAM solution to vessel new builds. Visit PT. Britoil Offshore Indonesia for more details at www.ptbritoil.com

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